Hand Sanitiser Produced by MAPOLY

As various sectors in the country has made contributions to combat the the spread of Corona Virus, MAPOLY (Moshood Abiola Polytechnic) has taken lead in indigenous production of hand sanitiser for public use.

This creatively produced hand sanitiser, according to the institution is not like many out there, as it is of very high international quality and was produced to fight the scarcity of the product as the country battles Covid-19.

The polytechnic also assured that the production of the medical material followed a meticulous process. The department of Science and Laboratory in partnership with Women in Technical Education (WITED) produced the hand santiser as a way to deal with scarcity during this pandemic.

While commenting on the production, the acting rector of the polytechnic, Adeoye Odedeji, said the product adhered to international standards.