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Abuja (FCT) is Nigeria’s administrative and political centre. It was planned and built in 1980. “Abuja” was in the earlier 20th century the name of the nearby town now called Suleja (did you know? now you do).

There are six (6) universities in Abuja; African Institute of Science and Technology, University of Abuja, Baze University, Veritas (Catholic) University, Nile University of Nigeria (NUN) and National Open University

African Institute of Science and Technology

The African University of Science and Technology (AUST) founded in 2007 offers post-graduate studies.

It represents a global effort to foster Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic growth and development through the promotion of excellence in science and engineering and their applications.

African Institute of Science and Technology

AUST currently offers programs in five major disciplinary areas, namely,

  1. Computer Science
  2. Material Science and Engineering
  3. Petroleum Engineering
  4. Pure and Applied Mathematics
  5. Theoretical and Applied Physics

Baze University

Baze University, Abuja is a private university that provides British Standard Education at about half the cost of studying abroad, cool right?

The university established in 2011 offers undergraduate studies and has 2 campuses; a main campus and another at Bwari.

Baze University

Baze has six Faculties;

  1. Management & Social Sciences
  2. Law
  3. Computing & Applied Sciences
  4. Engineering
  5. Basic Medical
  6. Environmental Sciences.

Nile University of Nigeria (NUN)

Nile University of Nigeria (NUN) is a private university established in 2009. NUN currently offers undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs.

Nile University of Nigeria (NUN)

In addition to its standard academic programmes, Nile University of Nigeria offers short, on-demand, professional courses that are tailored to the needs of the participants.

The duration of the courses varies, but the majority of them range from 16 hours to 32 hours.

There are 6 main faculties in NUN, Abuja

University of Abuja

The University of Abuja, Gwagwalada mini-campus is the first campus in the university to be established at take-off time.

The university runs undergraduate degree, diploma, and postgraduate programmes and also has a Centre for Distance Learning School.

University of Abuja

Faculties in the university are listed below

  1. Faculty of Law,
  2. Faculty of Management Sciences
  3. Faculty of Education
  4. Faculty of Social Sciences
  5. Faculty of Engineering
  6. Faculty of Science
  7. College of Health Sciences
  8. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  9. Faculty of Agriculture
  10. Faculty of Art

Veritas University

VERITAS University, Abuja (VUNA), is a Catholic University founded in 2002.

The University emphasizes moral values, self-reliance and the development of the students’ entrepreneurial capabilities for the social and economic benefit of the graduates and the Nigerian society.

Veritas University

Veritas University offers undergraduate and post-graduate studies, the faculties available are listed below


National Open University of Nigeria

National Open University of Nigeria is a Federal Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution, popularly referred to as ‘NOUN’.

Some perks of studying at NOUN; studies continue regardless of ASUU strikes in the country, graduates “Serve” (NYSC) and admission requirements are less stringent than those of other universities.

National Open University of Nigeria

Faculties available at NOUN are;

TitleLocationDeanDeputy DeanEmail
Faculty of Agricultural SciencesKadunaProf Isaac S. R. ButswatDr. Petu-Ibikunle
Faculty of ArtsAbujaActing, Prof. Doris Laruba ObiejeDr. Mustapha Adejoro
Directorate for Entrepreneurship And General Studies (DE&GS)Abuja
Faculty of EducationLagosProf. Osuji Uchenna Sydney AjunaDr. Josiah
Faculty of Health SciencesAbujaProf. Okoli Chidiogo GraceDr. Anetor Gloria O
Faculty of LawLagosDr.Odike Adakole EjeDr. Ishaya N Martins
Faculty of Management SciencesLagosDr. Osoba Samson BDr. Atuma Okpara
Faculty of ScienceAbujaProf. Monioluwa OlaniyiDr. Juliana N.
Faculty of Social SciencesAbujaDr. Ganiyat A. Adesina-Uthman,acma, fmnes,fce, fifpDr. Iroye Samuel
Faculties available at NOUN
Source: NOUN

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